Change Leadership Secret – 10 – The Change Leadership Framework

Change Leadership — Secret # 10
The Change Leadership Framework

So with imagination, ingenuity, and audacity, explore, discover, and change the world.
—Daniel S. Goldin

What I Need to Know

If change-centric selling is essentially about helping the customer achieve change, how does the salesperson go about it? The answer is the Change Leadership Framework, which is comprised of five disciplines:
1. Force Field Analysis

  • What forces is the person experiencing?

2. Change Response Analysis

  • How will the person respond to the forces?

3. Power Analysis

  • What effort will be required to make the desired change??

4. Value Creation

  • What will be the value of making the change?

5. Change Actuation

  • How will the change be made?

By utilizing the Change Leadership Framework as a blueprint for helping customers achieve their desired results, you will not only be an outstanding change leader, but you will become a highly valued resource for your customers, putting you in the best position to succeed in a highly competitive world.

What I Need to Do

Adeptly implement the Change Leadership Framework to help your customers achieve their desired results.
Improve your skill and comfort level by reviewing one concept from Forceful Selling or Selling Change every day and implementing it at least once during that day.

Some account relationships can be quite complex with many sales in different stages. Therefore, it may not be appropriate to impose a one-size-fits-all order on your activities. As you become more familiar with the concepts of change-centric selling, they will become tools you can pull out of your toolbox at the appropriate time.

The key is to maintain your focus on change and maintain your mindset as a change agent. Then, you will be able to establish and maintain your position as a strategic resource for your customer.

Action Summary

  • Read one secret of change leadership everyday.
  • Improve your change leadership by practicing a new concept every day.
  • Drive continuous incremental improvement—both on behalf of the customer and in your own activities.
Change Leadership Secret - 10 The Change Leadership Framework

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