Change Leadership Secret – 35 – Follow The Chameleons

Change Leadership — Secret # 35
Follow The Chameleons

Enjoying success requires the ability to adapt. Only by being open to change will you have a true opportunity to get the most from your talent. —Nolan Ryan

What I Need to Know

The second change-type is the “Chameleon.”

The Chameleon is an “early adopter” of changes. She has high confidence and is comfortable being alone ahead of the herd. She does not have strong anxieties, but instead is naturally comfortable with change.
She enjoys exploration and discovery, and for her, change seems to come quickly and effortlessly. She has a high level of energy and is action oriented. She has low tolerance for inactive people who are slow to make changes. She has a high tolerance for risk, but, unlike the Chicken, her risks are calculated and controlled. Because of her high confidence and action-oriented nature, if a change results in failure, it barely slows her down; it is just a bump in the road. The Chameleon has the highest level of openness of all of the change types. Chameleons are true change leaders. But because few people are so adept at change, their numbers are few. The figure below shows the Chameleon’s profile.

What I Need to Do

If you find a Chameleon, follow her—she has already found the best path! You may want to solicit this person to be a mentor or coach.

Listen intently and move quickly when assisting Chameleons with change—they do not have patience for slow processes.

Stress the novelty and innovation in the change you are suggesting. Also, focus on the vision for the future, as Chameleons are not interested in the past or in paths that have already been tried.
View your Chameleon customers as harbingers of future trends. They may not be tremendously profitable because they comprise a market of one. But if you apply what you learn from Chameleons to other customers, you may open up whole new, highly profitable opportunities.
Can you think of someone in your business or personal life who most resembles the Chameleon characteristics? See what you can learn from that person.

Action Summary

  • Use Chameleons as indicators of possible future trends.
  • Emphasize and deliver innovation.
  • Learn from Chameleons and identify new opportunities.
Change Leadership Secret - 35 Follow The Chameleons

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