Change Leadership Secret – 9 – Become A Change Leader

Change Leadership — Secret # 9
Become A Change Leader

Leadership is action, not position. —Donald H. McGannon

What I Need to Know

Change-centric selling changes the sales paradigm from asking middle managers, “What is your problem?” to asking executives, “What are you trying to change? Why? How?”
The change-centric selling model takes the following approach:

1. Mining opportunities

  • Create, rather than respond to opportunities
  • Focus on deeper relationships with fewer customers

2. Developing strategic value

  • Understand the forces affecting the customer
  • Help define and drive strategic changes on behalf of the customer

3. Maintaining lifetime relationships

  • Become a change consultant and agent
  • Evolve with the customer’s evolving capability maturity

What I Need to Do

The first step is to help the customer identify opportunities. Remember that opportunities are created by making changes.

Next, seek to understand the forces influencing the customer’s organization and that organization’s ability to implement changes.

Then, help the customer define what changes she wants to make in response to the forces.
Be a change consultant and agent by assisting the customer in achieving the desired changes.

Finally, maintain a lifetime relationship with the customer by continuing to identify opportunities and assisting the customer in continuously evolving her capability to exploit them.

Action Summary

  • Help customers identify opportunities to change.
  • See yourself as a change consultant.
  • Maintain your value by continuously evolving your own capabilities.
Change Leadership Secret - 9 Become A Change Leader

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