Brett Clay Keynote


Lead Change, Grow Sales, Achieve Your Goals!

In a world of hyper-competition and extreme pricing pressures, Brett Clay shows salespeople and executives how to achieve explosive growth using the Five Disciplines of the Change Leadership Framework®.

Presentation Themes:

Brett Clay, author of Selling Change, and a leading expert in sales, leadership, and marketing is a professional member of the National Speakers Association and the CEO of Change Leadership Group.

  • Growing Sales by Leading Change
  • Accelerating Business Performance
  • Creating and Delivering High Value to Customers
  • Forceful Living and Fulfillment

Brett Clay’s passion for improving business performance and achieving a fulfilling life through change leadership will inspire your audience and spur them to action. Clay says, “I guarantee that when you take a change-centric view and learn to harness the forces of change, you will experience explosive growth, both in your sales and in your life.”

“Change is as fundamental for growth as oxygen, water, and sunlight.” – Brett Clay

Brett Clay is no stranger to change. A native of the Colorado, he studied electrical engineering in Mexico. After graduating from Colorado State University he dove into the hyper-fast innovation of Silicon Valley. Then, while in business school tried to start a computer superstore chain in Mexico. In the early 2000’s his sales specialty was “globalized” to Asia, so he restarted his career with a move to Microsoft. He is currently hedging his bets in the global economy by learning Mandarin.  Bian cheng hao! (change for the better)

The source of Brett Clay’s passion for change and business performance is this question:

In a flat world where buyers have access to the best solutions at the best prices from all over the world, how can businesses compete?

It is this question that sales executive Brett Clay has been confronting and living since he began his career as a product marketing engineer selling computer chips into Taiwan, South Korea, and Singapore 20 years ago. Over the years, he has also marketed and sold computer software, supercomputers, telecommunications equipment, and professional services. Through these high-ticket sales and as a student of Barry Posner, author of The Leadership Challenge, at the Leavey School of Business he developed a deep passion for business value and leadership. After many years of managing and mentoring marketing and sales people, and studying the psychology of change, he developed the trademark Change Leadership Framework®, which serves as the foundation for the Change Leadership Group.


His book, Forceful Selling, is a study in the psychology of change and the forces that drive it. His book, Selling Change, contains 101 secrets for growing sales by leading change.

Brett Clay will inspire and energize your team to lead change and grow sales.

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