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Win The Sale Without Compromising on Price

All sales aren’t created equal. In his new book, High-Profit Selling, my friend, Mark Hunter shows you how to close deals that truly make a profit. Mark and I share the same passion–driving profitable sales. In these times of shrinking margins and diminishing returns, maintaining profitable pricing is more important than ever. The insights Mark […]

Selling Change With the Simple Power of “Yes, And!”

by Avish Parashar Can a simple two-word phrase from improv comedy help you to be a better salesperson or leader? “Yes, and” it can do much, much more… The premise of Selling Change is that salespeople must become agents of change and help their customers achieve goals rather than simply solve their problems While there […]

Your Pipeline Could Be Fuller

by Mark Hunter, The Sales Hunter Keeping your pipeline of prospects full is no easy task.  I’m not going to suggest it is.  I talk to salespeople all the time and most say that prospecting is their number one source of new business.  So if you are like most salespeople, one of your hardest tasks […]

Are Great Salespeople Born?

I just attended Jeffrey Gitomer’s seminar for sales managers and leaders. Before Jeffrey started his presentation, I was chatting with the gentleman next to me who is a VP of Sales. I asked him what kind of sales training he uses.  He said, “Oh, we train our salespeople ourselves. Salespeople are born, anyway. They either […]

How do you know if your sales methodology needs a tune up?

How can you tell if your sales process is in need of improvement, or if stalled growth is simply a result of the challenging economy? The sales function and methodologies tend to be poorly understood across most companies. Therefore, companies often focus on measuring easily understood items such as activity and transactions, rather than measuring strategy and methodology, […]

What is wrong with the way you’ve been taught to sell?

We’ve all taken many sales courses over the years. They all taught us to find the customer’s need, pain or problem and then demonstrate that our product or service is the best solution. They also taught us to find the real decision makers, the people with the power to make the purchase, and essentially make […]

Five Disciplines That Make You Invaluable to Your Customers

Does it seem harder and harder to get customers’ attention these days? Does your product or service always seem to fall short of being a priority for the customer? What if there were a way to have customers begging to be higher on your priority list, instead of you begging to be on theirs? How would it feel to be with a customer closing a sale and be interrupted by another customer calling you pleading to take their order instead? What would that mean for your business? You can become invaluable to customers and dramatically grow your business, if you change your selling paradigm

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