Meeting Facilitation

workshopGive New Meaning to Strategic Planning

Are your strategy planning meetings as productive as possible? Do you leave strategy meetings feeling like you have stimulated new ideas and established a strong action plan?

Every organization—even the most successful—needs fresh perspective at some point. Change Leadership Group’s Meeting Facilitation service helps you look through a new lens at your strategies, processes, goals and plans in order to jumpstart your productivity and performance.


Meeting Facilitation is a short-term engagement during which Change Leadership Group’s consultants facilitate a strategic planning session to inspire new insights and develop a powerful plan of action. Using the Change Leadership Framework as a vehicle for discussion, you’ll obtain a comprehensive view of your organization; the Change Leadership Framework® will help illuminate and assess your organization’s goals, behaviors, strategies and environmental influences and aid in creating a plan of action.

Drawing upon experience and expertise, we’ll inspire you, help you gain new perspective and develop a comprehensive, indispensable action plan to accomplish your goals.

Structured as an intense, all-day planning session, Meeting Facilitation will encourage you to truly examine the forces at play within and outside your organization and develop a strategic plan to institute changes and meet your goals. You won’t just walk away with fresh insight; you’ll have a strong plan of action.

Change Leadership Group’s consultants are highly qualified, bringing years of experience and advanced education to the table. Consultants complete a rigorous certification program in the Change Leadership Framework® and continually further their education through advanced training.

Topics Covered

  • Discussion facilitation utilizing the Change Leadership Framework for developing strategy or implementation plans
  • Help building an action plan that can be immediately implemented
  • Pre-meeting interviews and agenda formation
  • Post-meeting reporting and after-action review

Key Takeaways

  • Strategic planning report, including
    • Inventory of critical strategic questions and answers
    • Agreements on key decisions
    • Defined paths to reach agreement on unresolved issues
    • Action plans and next steps
  • New insights and perspectives on your business
  • An in-depth understanding of how to utilize the Change Leadership Framework®


  • Improved strategic plans, resulting in improved business performance
  • Improved effectiveness of your strategic planning time—our consultants keep the meeting on track, ensuring planning goals are achieved
  • Improved collaboration and management of interpersonal relations utilizing highly experienced “outsiders” to mediate discussions
  • Learn how to implement the Change Leadership Framework® to understand forces and guide strategic decisions

Who Should Participate

Regardless of the topic of your meeting or the depth of your strategic needs, we can guide you towards improved business performance through Meeting Facilitation.


  • Variable.
  • A typically three day includes: pre-meeting interviews and preparation, facilitating the meeting, and post-meeting reporting


Contact us to coordinate Meeting Facilitation.

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