Follow-Thru Consulting™

consulting2Want to motivate your sales team and give them the tools to act as a powerful change agent?

Ready to make sure that the ChangeCentric Selling®  methodology is fully integrated into your daily practice? Want to finely-tune your sales strategies to achieve optimal results?

While our workshops and seminars provide you with the ideas and tools to become a change leader, Follow-Thru Consulting helps you put it all into action. Ensure the ChangeCentric Selling®  methodology is successfully institutionalized across your organization and integrated into everyday selling practices.


Designed to supplement the ChangeCentric Selling®  Bootcamp, Follow-Thru Consulting includes monthly communications to the field, post-implementation reviews, coaching, job-aid refinement and best-practice development. This comprehensive program is the optimal way to integrate change-centric tactics throughout your sales force.

Our experienced consultants will guide you from start to finish, helping you to generate more value for your customers and grow your sales while also growing the skills and processes of your organization into a competitive advantage.

Incorporating a new methodology into an organization’s everyday behavior requires commitment from management, the dedication to use the tools and job aids as the primary means of collaboration and communications, and the discipline to  continually review and refine the process. Change Leadership Group provides support for organizations adopting a change-centric perspective and ensures that learning translates to actual behaviors. Follow-Thru Consulting will empower your salespeople and organization to drastically improve their sales and increase their value to customers.

Topics Covered

  • Coaching of sales management
  • Coaching of individual students
  • Review and refinement of job aids and sales processes
  • Monthly communications to the sales organization
  • Best practice gathering and communication

Key Takeaways

By enrolling in a Follow-Thru Consulting program, you and your team or organization will. . .

  • Integrate a change-centric mindset into your everyday operations
  • Incorporate the ChangeCentric Selling®  methodology consistently throughout your sales force
  • Gain hands-on experience implementing the five disciplines of the Change Leadership Framework®
  • Use the ChangeCentric methodology in the field with the support and guidance of a highly-trained consultant
  • Refine job aids and successfully incorporate them into your sales processes
  • Develop effective sales methods


  • Experience exponential growth in your sales potential, revenue and customer relationships
  • Unify your team’s approach and streamline strategy to become more productive, efficient and motivated
  • Gain emotional momentum as a team working with common practices and common goals
  • Empower your sales team and foster sustained performance

Who Should Attend

This program is customized for salespeople and sales managers who seek to institutionalize the ChangeCentric Selling®  methodology.


  • One-year of customized, personal support for you and your team


Contact us to enroll in this program.

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