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In an era of globalization and Internet commoditization, salespeople are in danger of becoming irrelevant. In this Darwinian environment, the traditional approach of selling solutions no longer creates profitable differentiation. To survive, salespeople must become agents of change and help customers achieve their goals rather than simply solve their problems.

This new, change-centric approach is the next evolution in selling, enabling you to develop deeper, more profitable customer relationships and become more agile and adaptive to changing conditions.

ChangeCentric Selling Bootcamp

ChangeCentric Selling® Bootcamp

A high intensity, action-packed training course that will energize salespeople and help them develop new leadership skills for achieving explosive growth.  This in-depth course focuses on integrating the concepts of the ChangeCentric Selling® methodology into practice and executing account plans that grow business.  

Duration: 3 days.
Who should attend: salespeople, managers and staff who interact with customers.
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ChangeCentric Selling Workshop

ChangeCentric Selling® Workshop

Training on a tight schedule. Energize your sales team and turn them into agents of change that deliver irresistible value  to customers. In this condensed workshop students learn the five disciplines of the ChangeCentric Selling® methodology and how to apply them to grow their business. 

Duration: 1 day.
Who should attend: salespeople, sales managers, and executives.
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Selling Change Seminar

Selling Change® Seminar

Squeeze this motivating half-day seminar into your next company function. Attendees will learn how practicing the five disciplines of the Change Leadership Framework® can have powerful influence and deliver enormous results, whether for their own organizations or for customers’.

Duration: 1/2 day.
Who should attend: salespeople, managers of all levels and functional areas.
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Forceful Selling® Workshop

This half-day workshop focuses on the two core questions of change leadership: 1) What forces are motivating the customer to change? 2) How is the customer responding to those forces? The answers to these questions determine the actions you take to help the customer change and achieve his or her goals.

Duration: 1/2 day.
Who should attend: salespeople, managers and executives.
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Seminars & Presentations

Want to inspire your audience to become change leaders that create opportunities, grow businesses, and help others achieve their goals?  During these dynamic, 1-2 hour presentations our consultants discuss the power of change leadership, the five disciplines of highly effective change leaders, and the fundamental requirement for creating new opportunities–change.

Duration: 1-2 hours.
Who should attend: salespeople, managers of all levels and functional areas.
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Join Brett Clay, author of Selling Change, and the founder and CEO of Change Leadership Group, as he addresses the hot issues in today’s challenging sales environment. If you own a copy of Selling Change, your attendance is free.

Duration: 40 minutes.
Who should attend: salespeople, executives, and readers of Selling Change.
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Custom Training

If you have identified specific developmental needs for your organization, we can develop and deliver training that utilizes specific aspects of the ChangeCentric Selling methodology. Our multidisciplinary consulting teams bring strong expertise in sales, change leadership, and instructional design to develop training that produces real, high-impact results.

Duration: variable.
Who should attend: salespeople and staff who interact with customers.
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