Clay Change Type Indicator® Workshop

Selling Change Seminar

Do you want to more effectively influence customers and stakeholders?

Have you ever lost a deal and not understood why? Have you every wracked your brain trying to convince someone who just wouldn’t listen? Have you ever been negotiating with someone and just couldn’t come to an agreement?

People’s behaviors are often difficult to understand, especially when we are asking them to take action. Every action involves change–a movement from “here” to “there”. Because people have unique personalities, understanding how they uniquely respond to change provides valuable insights into their behaviors.

How would you like to dramatically improve the effectiveness of your selling and negotiating strategies? How would you like to greatly improve employee, stakeholder, or customer satisfaction and increase the perceived value of your agreements?

Everyone responds uniquely to change. In this half-day session, you’ll learn how to use the Clay Change Type Indicator® (CCTI™) to better understand the unique behaviors and preference of your customers or other stakeholders and how they respond to change. You’ll learn techniques to adapt your strategies and tactics to their behavioral preferences, thereby improving your influence and ability to deliver higher value to them.


The Clay Change Type Indicator™ is designed to measure a person’s propensity for and style of coping with change. It is used to more effectively influence stakeholders and improve organizational agility. This workshop will show you how to use the CCTI™ to characterize customers or stakeholders on six dimensions of human personality and determine their personality type as it relates to change. You will learn how to develop more effective influence strategies that match your customers’ unique behaviors and preferences, enabling you to deliver more powerful results.

We’ll give you the tools to more effectively influence decision makers, increase your perceived value, and improve your own agility and performance.

This half-day session, full of fun and practical ideas and tactics your team can immediately implement, is ideal for your next sales meeting or training event. Your team will walk away with a common language and system for identifying stakeholder behaviors and determining the tactics most likely to influence desired actions. In addition, your team will gain a new appreciation for their own behaviors and how they can improve the performance of your organization.

Topics Covered

  • The six characteristics of highly effective change leaders
  • The six factors of the CCTI™
  • The six personality types of the CCTI™

Key Takeaways

The half-day workshop will provide you with. . .

  • New insights into your customers’ personalities
  • Techniques to improve your influence with customers and other decision makers
  • Ideas for improving your own own effectiveness and performance


  • Understand the characteristics of effective change leaders
  • Determine developmental opportunities to improve leadership effectiveness
  • Understand and better predict customer behaviors

Who Should Attend

This workshop is highly beneficial for salespeople and managers of all levels and functional areas.


  • Half-day workshop


Contact us for more information about the Clay Change Type Indicator® workshop.

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