ChangeCentric Selling® Bootcamp


Lead Change. Increase Your Sales. Achieve Your Goals.

With all the noise from the web and the global market, do you find it harder to make yourself heard? Do you feel like you’re faced with more competition than ever? Are customers squeezing your prices and your margins?

If you want to be a valuable resource to your customers and create sustainable relationships, you can’t just maintain the status quo. Today’s competitive marketplace demands a new paradigm for sales professionals. Through a change-centric selling approach, you can keep your company and product from becoming a mere commodity and instead become a change leader—and an invaluable asset to your customers.


ChangeCentric Selling®  Bootcamp, the flagship offering of Change Leadership Group, teaches you to create more value and differentiation by shifting from a solution-oriented mentality to a change-centric view. Employing a change-centric strategy will help you achieve bigger average deal sizes, premium pricing and preferred vendor status.

We’ll illuminate how viewing your customers as a set of forces and changes will help you grow your business and develop on both a professional and personal level.

A transformative 3-day training course, ChangeCentric Selling®  Bootcamp will energize and inspire you while giving you the tools and knowledge to transition from a transactional selling methodology to a change-centric methodology. You’ll see how harnessing the forces of change will lead you to achieve explosive growth. Based on the ChangeCentric Selling® method, this high-intensity course will help you take selling to the next level. You’ll learn to analyze the forces at play in the customer’s organization, focus on the organization’s strategic imperatives and understand the changes required to achieve those imperatives. Rather than simply providing solutions, you’ll learn to become a change-centric salesperson, acting as a positive change agent to help the customer achieve strategic goals.

Topics Covered

  • The ChangeCentric Selling® methodology
  • The five disciplines of the Change Leadership Framework®
  • How to stay relevant (and vital to customer’s organizations) by helping customers achieve their goals rather than simply solving their problems

Key Takeaways

You’ll walk away from this dynamic training with. . .

  • A well-developed account plan for your most strategic account which you can begin implementing the moment you get back to work
  • An in-depth understanding of the Change Leadership Framework®
  • Experience implementing and internalizing the five disciplines of the framework as they apply to your sales goals and strategy


  • Create opportunities (not just respond to them)
  • Establish and maintain c-level executive relationships
  • Become a strategic resource for customer’s executives
  • Differentiate yourself from the competition
  • Apply the Change Leadership Framework® to deliver high value to customers

Who Should Attend

ChangeCentric Selling®  Bootcamp is specifically designed for salespeople, managers and staff who interact with customers. This training is an ideal professional development opportunity for your entire sales team.


  • 3-days
  • Engage in interactive role playing and activities that make the information presented contextually relevant and memorable
  • Create a customized account plan for your most important account with the support of an expert instructor


Contact us for more information about the ChangeCentric Selling® Bootcamp.

Related Offering

To support the principles you learn in ChangeCentric Selling®  Bootcamp, Follow-Thru Consulting is available to help you successfully integrate the Change Leadership Framework® into your day to day practice. This supplementary program includes monthly communications to the field, post-implementation reviews, coaching, job-aid refinement and best-practice development.

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