Custom Training

Custom Training

Are you ready to make changes in your sales process?

Have you already identified specific developmental needs in your sales organization? Are you looking for training that is customized?

You know it’s necessary to become an agent of change in order to compete—and prevail—against the competition in today’s tough market. And you’ve seen the power of the Change Leadership Framework® and ChangeCentric Selling®  methodology. Now, you’re ready to fortify your sales force, deliver high value to your customers and help customers achieve their goals.


To meet the specific developmental needs of your organization, we offer Custom Training to help your sales force become more profitable, powerful, sustainable and motivated. Our multidisciplinary consulting teams bring strong experience in sales, change leadership and instructional design and they leverage this knowledge to create personalized programs that produce undeniable results in your organization. Based on your requirements, we’ll develop and deliver training that utilizes specific aspects of the ChangeCentric Selling®  methodology.

Through undivided attention and support, our consultants will ensure that you receive customized instruction to address your specific, immediate challenges and enhance your organization’s performance and grow your business.

In creating customized instruction to help you integrate the Change Leadership Framework® into your organization’s development plan, our sales and instructional design consulting teams use the ADDIE model of instructional design. This includes:

  • Analyze—analyze learner characteristics, task to be learned, etc.
  • Design—develop learning objectives, choose an instructional approach
  • Develop—create instructional or training materials
  • Implement—deliver or distribute the instructional materials
  • Evaluate—make sure the  instruction achieved the desired goals

As members of the American Society for Training and Development, we are qualified to guide your organization towards increased success. Change Leadership Group’s consultants leverage their vast body of knowledge to help develop the skills and knowledge-base your organization seeks to improve. You’ll benefit from our consultant’s deep expertise in:

  • Major account selling
  • Change leadership
  • Human psychology
  • Project management
  • Business value creation
  • Capability maturity modeling
  • Process improvement 
  • IT governance

Services Offered

  • Assessments
  • Organization SWOT analysis
  • Capability maturity modeling
  • Learning path development
  • Course development
  • Course instruction

Key Takeaways

Engaging in Custom Training will provide you and your sales organization with. . .

  • A report of findings and recommendations
  • Customized training materials
  • Trainer/trainee tools
  • A development road map
  • The knowledge and hands-on experience to implement the specific aspects of the ChangeCentric Selling®  methodology that meet your organization’s immediate developmental needs


  • Experience exponential growth in your sales potential, revenue and customer relationships
  • Unify your team’s approach and streamline strategy to become more productive, efficient and motivated
  • Learn to fully integrate the principles of Change Leadership into practice
  • Gain momentum as a sales team working towards a common goal
  • Empower your sales team and foster sustained performance
  • Create a well-developed, solid sales strategy
  • Receive personalized support to help you behind the scenes and in the field

Who Should Attend

Custom Training is designed for salespeople and staff who interact with customers.


  • Duration and format is variable depending upon your specific needs


To initiate a Custom Training program, contact us.

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