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Develop a Purposive Mindset

When you think about change, what comes to mind? This morning I asked that question to Jim Blasingame, host of the Small Business Advocate, radio show. You can listen to my interview by clicking below. Find interviews with Small Business experts on the Small Business Advocate show Not surprisingly, his answer was “Pain and having […]

Are You Limiting Your Growth and That of Others?

Kegan vs Von Forester Yesterday, I re-read Kegan and Lahey’s Immunity to Change and thought I would take a time-out from my current study of the process philosophy of Heraclitus, Alfred North Whitehead, and Charles Peirce to share some meaning making that happened for me  Find interviews with Small Business experts on the Small Business […]

What Reality Are You Living In?

Constructivism I’m currently working on the literature review of personality theory for my dissertation. So, I thought I’d share a concept I believe is very powerful—constructivism. Abraham Maslow suggested that we interpret neurosis as “a failure of personal growth,” (Hall et al, 1957). Applying this to business, maintaining or growing a healthy business requires that […]

Inquiring Into Paradigm and Value Shifts

As I conduct my doctoral studies I will do my best to post the papers I write. I hope these papers serve to stimulate your thinking, raise questions, and perhaps even reach new insights about your work or life. These papers are often written according to the style guidelines of the American Psychological Association. So, […]

I Know Little, Therefore I Am—Valuable

Searching for Answers In my doctoral studies I was asked to write about the tension between questions and answers. Dr David Willis and Dr. Stephen Murphy-Shigematsu said: “This tension can be expressed in our need for mastery and our ability to embrace mystery. How much do we need to pursue and find answers? Can we […]

Selling Change With the Simple Power of “Yes, And!”

by Avish Parashar Can a simple two-word phrase from improv comedy help you to be a better salesperson or leader? “Yes, and” it can do much, much more… The premise of Selling Change is that salespeople must become agents of change and help their customers achieve goals rather than simply solve their problems While there […]

Are You in the Actuation Zone?

I just returned from the National Speakers Association Winter Conference where I gained a lot of new knowledge about modern marketing. The “Monday-morning question” for all the conference attendees is, Will we put the new knowledge into practice? Or, will we return to our laundry list of client issues, problems, overhead, and all the other […]

New Year's Resolution

New Year’s Resolution—Be a Change Agent! My resolution for this year—for this decade—is to be a change agent. To to this, I will review the six attitudes of a change leader, everyday, and take one action that day to improve my change temperament. The Six Attitudes of a Change Leader:

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