The Change Leadership Framework


Change Leadership Group helps companies grow by developing their leaders and organizations into agents of change that deliver high value to internal and external customers. Our Change Leadership Framework®, based on the work of Dr. Brett Clay and the research of leading psychologists, provides a blueprint for helping organizations make the changes necessary to achieve their goals.

What causes people to change? How do people decide to change? How do people make change?

To lead change, you must study the answers to these questions, which we call the “psychology of change.” To implement your learning in practice, it is often helpful to organize the disparate concepts in a “framework.” Frameworks make the concepts easier to understand and remember, and they serve as a kind of recipe for acting on the concepts. The Change Leadership Framework® was created, therefore, to capture key concepts in the psychology of change and to describe a process for leading change in people and organizations.

We apply the Change Leadership Framework in two practices: Business Performance and Sales Performance.

Business Performance

Change Leadership Group Business Performance ConsultingUtilizing our Change Leadership Framework®, CLG consultants can help you identify sources of value, build change plans to harvest the value, and can help lead the change initiative.

Change Leadership. This is the service where we practice what we teach—utilizing the Change Leadership Framework® to lead a change initiative on your behalf. We can help you develop and execute a plan for change that has a high probability of success.

Strategic Planning. We help you assess your situation, evaluate strategic options and develop a plan for change. Because the Change Leadership Framework® assesses both the forces driving an organization and the processes for implementing change, it is a valuable tool for improving business performance.


Sales Performance

Change Leadership Group Sales Performance ConsultingChange Leadership Group (CLG) consultants help you build and execute a solid development plan for your sales organization that aligns with your business strategy and gives your company a strong competitive advantage.

Organization Development. CLG consultants are multi-disciplinary teams of subject matter experts who understand your challenges and can help bring your vision to fruition. Engagement deliverables include assessments, competency models, learning paths, roll-out and maintenance plans.

Follow-Thru Consulting™. Ensure the ChangeCentric Selling® methodology is successfully institutionalized across your sales organization and is integrated into everyday selling practices. Designed to supplement the ChangeCentric Selling® Bootcamp, this program includes monthly communications to the field, post-implementation reviews, coaching, job-aid refinement, and best-practice development.

Meeting Facilitation. Whether your management team is meeting to determine a strategy, develop an implementation plan, or get a project back on track, the Change Leadership Framework® will enable your team to take a hard, fresh look at your business and leave your meeting with new insights and strong action plans.

Executive Coaching. We provide ongoing consulting and coaching to help managers tune their change plans and enhance execution throughout their projects. For maximum success, managers must take a change-centric view that puts their projects in the context of change leadership. Projects that utilize the Change Leadership Framework® to create and execute “change plans” generate the most successful results.

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