Selling Change® Seminar

Selling Change Seminar

Do you want to motivate and reinvigorate your sales team?

Are you looking for substantive content and techniques that you can start using (and benefiting from) right away? Are you eager to increase your value in your customers’ eyes and further grow your revenue?

Opportunity comes with change. In this half-day session, you’ll learn that change has the power to overcome obstacles, though most people are resistant to it. You’ll gain an understanding of the forces that drive your customers and learn how to deliver more value to your customers by harnessing the power of change.


The Selling Change Seminar will show you the power of change and why it’s necessary to lead change, not just solve problems. The five disciplines of the Change Leadership Framework® will be reviewed, giving you an understanding of how you can influence and deliver powerful results within your own organization or for your customers. You’ll also gain insight into the secrets of selling change.

We’ll motivate and inspire you to appreciate the power of change and take on a new perspective in order to achieve desired outcomes in your professional and personal life.

This half-day session, chock-full of ideas and tactics you can immediately implement, is ideal for your next sales meeting or training. You’ll walk away with an appreciation for the power of change and a conceptual framework for leading change. Incorporating the framework into your sales practices will help you improve the competitiveness of your sales force and increase your value in today’s competitive playing field.

Topics Covered

  • Highlighted tips on how to sell change (see the book Selling Change: 101 Secrets for Growing Sales and Leading Change to learn all the tips)
  • The five disciplines of the Change Leadership Framework®
  • How change is a powerful driving force that can be harnessed to create positive, measurable outcomes

Key Takeaways

The half-day Selling Change Seminar will provide you with. . .

  • Renewed awareness of the power of change and the forces that drive it
  • The inspiration to become a change leader
  • Ideas for leveraging the power of a change-centric view in your daily activities


  • Gain inspirational insight into how to overcome current obstacles and drive positive change
  • Start creating opportunities through change leadership
  • Learn tools that will give you the confidence to effectively grow your sales and achieve your goals

Who Should Attend

This workshop is highly beneficial for salespeople and managers of all levels and functional areas.


  • Half-day seminar


Contact us for more information about the Selling Change Seminar.

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