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Change Leadership for Project Managers

Are you charged with developing project management plans and achieving successful project outcomes? Do you want to contribute more value to your stakeholders and create strong, lasting business relationships?

Differentiating your project management skills and offerings from the rest of the crowd is crucial in order to create successful, sustainable business results. Augmenting your project management skills with change leadership tools and techniques will give you a leg up and help you become a highly valued asset. Instead of looking for problems and applying solutions, learn to apply a change-centric approach. By understanding the motivation behind your stakeholders’ decisions and needs, you’ll help stakeholders achieve their goals.


Change Leadership for Project Managers teaches you to apply the five disciplines of the Change Leadership Framework® to your projects, enabling you to establish momentum and achieve successful project outcomes. You’ll learn to harness the forces of change to initiate and complete projects successfully and sell change by developing compelling project charters. By learning to shift your approach from problem-solution mode and starting to analyze and understand your stakeholder’s motivations and change temperament, you’ll deliver far more value.

We’ll inspire you to approach projects with a fresh perspective and an understanding of your stakeholder’s deep-rooted motivations, arming you with the power to deliver value and be a highly valued change leader.

This course not only gives you the tools and conceptual framework to lead projects successfully, it will also count towards professional development units (PDUs) to maintain your Project Management Institute credential. If you have a PMP or PgMP credential, you can count this class towards your continuing certification requirements.

Topics Covered

  • How to apply the Change Leadership Framework® within PMI’s Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK)
  • How to initiate and plan projects for success
  • How to utilize change leadership principles to drive successful execution and closure
  • The critical success factors for successful change leadership and the pitfalls to avoid

Key Takeaways

After completing Change Leadership for Project Managers, you will. . .

  • Grasp the conceptual framework of how to lead change
  • Have tools and techniques for selling successful project proposals
  • Ensure that your projects are highly valued in the eyes of stakeholders
  • Gain the advanced skills to consistently deliver value


  • Improve your success chartering projects
  • Increase the value you create for stakeholders
  • Improve the likelihood of successful project outcomes
  • Increase your standing with stakeholders as a highly valued asset

Who Should Attend

This course is intended for project managers of all experience levels.


  • One full-day interactive workshop
  • Number of PDUs: 7


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