Strategic Planning

project-managersCreate Opportunities and Drive Effective Change

Are you surpassing your revenue goals? Are you immune to competitive pressures? Do fluctuations in the market not affect your business at all?

If you’ve answered no to any of these questions, Change Leadership Group can help you assess your company’s situation, determine the optimal strategy to overcome challenges and develop a plan for change. You’ll see increased opportunities and improved productivity within your organization, resulting in accelerated business performance.


In our Strategic Planning practice, we utilize the Change Leadership Framework to observe and diagnose your company’s situation, propose a number of strategic options and develop a comprehensive plan for change to help you achieve your specific goals. By assessing the forces driving your organization and the processes for implementing change, we help you improve overall business performance.  We’ll provide you with a conceptual framework and the tools and techniques to overcome your obstacles and achieve your goals.

We’ll contribute new and valuable insight to your organization, illuminating how to improve efficiencies and fully exploit opportunities to lead to improved overall business performance.

Our consultants are enlisted on a medium-term engagement with your company (30 days minimum and typically several months) in order to fully understand the forces at work in your organization. After considering the change temperament and forces of change affecting lines of business and stakeholders, we’ll help you develop an effective strategy.

In addition to years of valuable experience plus advanced education and training, our consultants complete a rigorous certification program in the Change Leadership Framework®, including organizational capability maturity modeling, change psychology and project management.

Topics Covered

  • Application of the five disciplines of the Change Leadership Framework
  • Detailed force field assessment, including organizational goals and needs, cultural/behavioral factors, organizational systems, and environmental factors
  • Assessment of psychological factors such as change temperament affecting processes within the organization
  • A concrete and realistic plan utilizing elements of the Change Leadership Framework®, Project Management Body of Knowledge® and Control Objectives for Information and Related Technologies® for how to achieve your goals

Key Takeaways

  • An understanding of the forces at play within your organization
  • A clear view of strategic options and their tradeoffs
  • A shared understanding of a conceptual framework, tools and techniques that can be utilized for ongoing strategic planning
  • A change-centric view that will help you see and capture new opportunities


  • Improved strategic planning through exposure to new tools and techniques
  • Empower your team to be highly successful change agents creating value across organizational boundaries
  • Improved business performance through refined strategy and execution

Who Should Participate

Any company or organization looking to improve business performance and to develop a strategy to achieve desired business outcomes will benefit from Strategic Planning.


  • Variable, but typically a 30 day engagement at minimum


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