Change Leadership

Inspiring Change Leadership

Inspire Change and Catalyze Business Growth

How do you become a change leader who doesn’t issue top-down mandates, but inspires genuine change that comes from within an organization? How do you improve the processes and functionality of your business to boost performance, reduce costs and increase revenue?

Taking on a change-centric approach will help drive change across organizational boundaries and enhance business performance. By practicing the five disciplines of change leadership, you will strengthen and empower your organization, improve your business potential and exceed your management objectives. Our signature consulting service, Change Leadership Consulting, helps you successfully implement a change initiative in your organization and shift your paradigm to a change-centric perspective.


The Change Leadership consulting service is a deep engagement where our consultants operate as your change agents, helping you to implement a change in your organization in order to achieve a specific goal. We offer management training and coaching as part of the process, though we can also jump right in and hit the ground running if your schedule doesn’t allow time to train your managers.

We’ll catalyze change and help you drive your organization towards increased success by refining processes within your team or company. Your team will learn the skills of harnessing the forces that are influencing your organization to instigate change and optimize performance.

In the Change Leadership consulting service, we practice what we preach, helping you to accomplish a goal and surpass stakeholder’s expectations while also guiding you to become a change agent yourself. Unlike the typical top-down demands that are frequently made in companies, we’ll facilitate change that comes from the center of an organization, beginning with you. By encouraging change, you’ll manifest more opportunities and increase performance throughout your team or organization.

To maximize your benefit from this service, we recommend pairing one of your managers with our consultants. This enables us to complete your project and conduct management training simultaneously, ensuring the sustained success of the initiative.

Our consultants have exceptional management skills, education, training and experience. To become Certified Change Agents™ they complete rigorous training and ongoing education requirements, spending approximately 2 months per year in training.

Topics Covered

  • Application of the five disciplines of the Change Leadership Framework®
  • Instruction on how to harness forces to create positive, measurable outcomes
  • Assessment, strategy and implementation of change

Key Takeaways

  • A successfully completed change initiative
  • New organizational assets, including change leadership tools and techniques
  • On-the-job training of managers
  • A new awareness and confidence of the power of change and the processes to achieve it
  • Inspirational insight into how to create organizational capabilities to overcome obstacles and drives positive change


  • Achieve the goals of your project
  • Improve the agility or your organization and its ability to respond to opportunities
  • Improve your business performance
  • Build a culture of creating opportunities through change leadership

Who Should Participate

Any team or organization looking to drive change and supplement their performance and outcomes will benefit from Change Leadership consulting.


  • Ongoing engagement, time frame varies


Contact us for more information about Change Leadership consulting.

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