ChangeCentric Selling® Workshop

ChangeCentric Selling Workshop

Want to inspire your team, but don’t have 3 days to spare?

Looking to energize your sales team, elevate your selling skills and sharpen your competitive edge? Are you on a tight schedule?

Empower your sales force by attending the ChangeCentric Selling®  Workshop, a one-day session that condenses the essentials of the ChangeCentric Selling®  Bootcamp into a single information-packed day. You’ll learn the basic principles of the ChangeCentric Selling® methodology and walk away knowing how to become an indispensable asset to your customers.


In the ChangeCentric Selling®  Workshop, you’ll learn the five disciplines of the ChangeCentric Selling® methodology and gain the tools to optimize your revenue, outshine the competition and develop strong, long-term relationships with your customers. Learn to understand your customer’s strategic imperatives and use the psychology of change to proactively create value, not just solve problems.

We’ll inspire you to adopt a fresh perspective and appreciation for the power of change in your professional and personal life. You’ll leave with an  understanding of the Change Leadership Framework® and the power to immediately implement changes into your sales strategy.

This one-day seminar will provide you with an understanding of the key leadership concepts that will enable you to increase your revenue and strengthen your customer relationships. The five disciplines of the Change Leadership Framework® (force field analysis, change response, power analysis, value creation and change actuation) will be discussed. By integrating the ChangeCentric Selling®methodology into your sales approach, you and your sales team will feel energized and ready to put your new tools and techniques to work. You’ll have a fresh perspective, plus the ability to initiate positive change that will garner measurable results.

Topics Covered

  • Why it’s necessary to lead change, not just solve problems, in today’s global economy
  • The ChangeCentric Selling® methodology and how to use it
  • The five disciplines of the Change Leadership Framework®
  • How to become a change agent and a highly valued resource for your customers

Key Takeaways

After one full day, you’ll walk away with. . .

  • A core understanding of the key concepts of the ChangeCentric Selling®  methodology
  • Knowledge of how to incorporate the five disciplines of the Change Leadership Framework® into your sales
  • Tools and templates for implementing the five disciplines
  • A draft of an account plan for your most strategic account, developed with support


  • Create opportunities (not just respond to them)
  • Become a highly valued resource for your customers
  • Learn to more effectively differentiate yourself from the competition
  • Apply the Change Leadership Framework® to deliver high value to customers

Who Should Attend

Ideal for individuals or entire sales teams, the ChangeCentric Selling®  Workshop is highly recommended for salespeople, sales managers and executives.


  • One full-day interactive workshop


Contact us for more information on the ChangeCentric Selling®  Workshop.

Related Offering

To fully internalize the ChangeCentric Selling®  methodology and institute it across your organization, we recommend attending the full 3-day ChangeCentric Selling® Bootcamp, which provides more in-depth information, role playing and thorough account planning with the support of a highly qualified instructor.

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