Organizational Development

Do you have a vision of a highly capable, high-performing organization?

Do you see opportunities to improve your organization’s performance, but you realize making the necessary changes won’t be easy?

Are you looking for guidance, knowledge, and processes that will enable you to effectively lead changes in your organization?

We’ll bring the tools, resources, thinking—and action—to help you plan and execute the developmental goals of your organization.


Change Leadership Group’s Organizational Development consulting service is flexibly designed to help you identify and overcome obstacles, cultivate new ideas and achieve sustained success by developing the capabilities of your organization. Our multidisciplinary teams of knowledgeable and highly trained consultants bring strategic prowess to the table, plus the on-the-ground experience to implement business plans and optimize results.

Through Organizational Development, we’ll help develop and implement a plan to improve your organization’s agility and its ability to pursue opportunities for improved business performance. As a result, your colleagues and staff will understand how to become agents of change to increase your revenues, profits, and stakeholder value.

Services are tailored to meet your organization’s specific needs, and we offer a range of engagements that span all phases of the development lifecycle, including:

  • Assessment
  • Planning
  • Implementation
  • Optimization

During the assessment phase, our consultants will clarify your business goals for the organizational development project and will utilize our proprietary Change Leadership Competency Model™ to audit your organization’s current level of change leadership capability maturity.

During the planning phase, we help you formulate a detailed plan to implement the recommendations from the audit.

The implementation phase may include training, coaching, and consulting services such as project management, communications management, job aid development, and other tasks defined in the plan.

During the optimization phase, we conduct periodic reviews and provide coaching and consulting to ensure the development plan is achieving the business goals that were initially defined.

Topics Covered

The primary deliverable is an organizational development plan, which may include:

Key Deliverables

  • Detailed Learning and Development Plan
  • Plan Implementation (optional)

Key Takeaways

  • A shared language and understanding of change leadership competencies and best practices
  • Refined organizational performance strategies and objectives


  • Clarified vision for the organization
  • Clearly defined learning path for improved agility and performance
  • Improved organizational morale and employee engagement

Who Should Participate

Teams or organizations that want to build sustainable competitive advantages and dramatically improve their business performance.


  • Ongoing engagement; duration depends on agreed-upon scope


Contact us for more information about the Change Leadership Organizational Development service.

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