Organizational Development

Organizational Development

Do you have a vision of where to lead your sales organization?

Are day-to-day challenges demanding most of your time, preventing you from building and executing the strategic plans to bring your vision to fruition?

If you’ve ever wished you could bring in someone who is knowledgeable, understands your challenges, has a myriad of fresh ideas, and has the experience to formulate and execute a plan to implement your vision, we can help. We’ll bring the tools, resources, thinking—and action—to help plan and execute the developmental goals of your organization.


Change Leadership Group’s Organizational Development consulting service is flexibly designed to help you identify and overcome obstacles, cultivate new ideas and achieve sustained success by developing the capabilities of your organization. Our multidisciplinary teams of knowledgeable and highly trained consultants bring strategic prowess to the table, plus the on-the-ground experience to implement business plans and optimize results.

Through Organizational Development, we’ll take a snapshot of your current strategic position, identify areas of growth and develop and implement a plan to fill in the gaps. As a result, your sales team will understand how to become an agent of change to sell more value to customers and increase your revenue.

Services are tailored to meet your organization’s specific needs, and we offer a range of engagements that span all phases of the development lifecycle, including:

  • Assessment
  • Planning
  • Implementation
  • Optimization

Our consultants will perform a thorough assessment of your business and capabilities. A detailed strategy will be developed, keeping in mind the organizational capacity and capabilities required to maximize your competitiveness in the market. We’ll help you pave the way towards increased revenue and accelerated business success, ensuring you have a solid, reliable path to travel.

Topics Covered

The primary deliverable is an organizational development plan, which may include:

  • Organizational SWOT analysis
  • Organizational capability maturity model
  • Competitive benchmarking
  • Learning paths
  • Change Leadership Framework®
  • ChangeCentric Selling® methodology
  • Roll-out and implementation plans

Key Takeaways

By engaging in a customized Organization Development program, you will. . .

  • Obtain a detailed picture of your organization’s current capabilities and those areas that need to be augmented
  • Have a concrete action and development plan


  • Experience strong growth in your sales potential, revenue and customer relationships
  • Unify your team’s approach and streamline strategy to become more productive, efficient and motivated
  • Gain emotional momentum as a team working with common practices and common goals
  • Empower your sales team and foster sustained performance

Who Should Participate

Companies that are looking to bring in qualified consultants to map out a customized training program to ultimately improve their go-to-market strategy and increase their revenue growth.


  • Ongoing engagement, typically lasting from one to three months


Contact us to get started with a customized Organization Development program.

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