Forceful Selling® Workshop

Forceful Selling Workshop

Have you been led to believe that great salespeople are born, not made?

Or that great salespeople force customers to buy? Is your selling strategy in need of a reboot so you can better adapt to today’s competitive market?

Despite urban legend, great salespeople cannot force customers to buy, although they can (and should) understand the forces that influence the customer’s buying decisions. The Forceful Selling® Workshop not only busts many myths about salesmanship, it introduces you to the psychology of change and the concept of force field analysis. After attending this half-day seminar, you’ll know how to become more valuable to your customers by adopting a change-centric point of view.

Great Salespeople can sell anything.

Great Salespeople can sell anything.


The Forceful Selling Workshop covers the first two disciplines of the Change Leadership Framework®, namely force field analysis and change response analysis. Instead of focusing on how to entice customers to buy, you will learn to focus on the two core questions of change leadership: 1) What is motivating the customer to change? 2) How is the customer responding to change? These questions will enlighten your customer relationships and propel your sales to an entirely new level as customers begin to see you as a trusted advisor who can be relied upon to help them achieve their goals.

We’ll illuminate how forces and behaviors are linked and help you understand what drives your customers so you can take the appropriate action to achieve desired outcomes. By viewing your customers, their organizations and your own life as a set of forces and a set of changes, you will experience explosive growth in your sales and your personal life.

Gaining an understanding of the Neo-R psychological factors (such as anxiety, stability and risk tolerance) that affect your customer’s decisions, you will learn to work with them more effectively to help them accomplish their goals. Being aware of your customer’s motivations enables you to take the appropriate actions to add more value to your relationship, which ultimately leads to more revenue and profits in your pocket.

Topics Covered

  • Force field analysis and change response analysis
  • How to use the Four Forces to determine what drives your customer’s behavior
  • How to harness the forces that motivate your customer
  • How to determine the customer’s change temperament
  • How to provide counseling and support to help your customer initiate change
  • How to help your customer respond effectively to change
  • The coping model and how to employ it
  • The Six Change Types model
  • The NEO-R model of psychological temperament

Key Takeaways

After attending the Forceful Selling® Workshop, you will. . .

  • Understand the forces that drive human behavior and change
  • Have tools for assessing your customer’s motivations and behaviors
  • Know how to create strategies for driving specific outcomes based on the customer’s psychological tendencies


  • Understand your customer’s motivations so you can help achieve their goals
  • Become a valuable advisor to your customers, rather than just another salesperson
  • Adopt a change-centric view, helping you experience explosive growth in your sales and your life

Who Should Attend

Salespeople, managers and executives will all benefit from the Forceful Selling® Workshop.


  • Half-day workshop


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