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Do you want to catalyze and lead change, but are ham-strung by competing demands? Are you eager to create more value for your stakeholders and motivate your team?

Do you find yourself managing more than leading and inspiring? Do you find yourself fighting fires and addressing critical issues when you really want to be accelerating business performance, energizing and empowering your team, and cultivating success in the eyes of your stakeholders?

You can create a culture of agility and innovation to enhance your organization’s success and the personal fulfillment of your team by embracing a change-centric point of view. Gather with other leading managers and executives for a motivational, powerful bootcamp that will bring fresh perspectives and new ideas to both your big-picture strategies and day-to-day tactics.


Change Leadership Bootcamp for Managers and Executives is an intense, information-packed, inspirational and pragmatic 3-day workshop that will provide you with the tools to implement change, become a change leader and deliver more value to your stakeholders. This program will empower you and provide you with the tools and conceptual framework to lead change and accelerate your business performance.

We’ll empower you and your team by showing you how to be a highly effective change leader, incorporating a change-centric point of view into every aspect of your organization and business performance. You’ll feel refreshed by new perspectives and enlightened by your improved self-knowledge and performance.

Motivational instruction, novel content and hands-on learning will encourage you to become an agent for change and an indispensable asset to your company. You’ll walk away with a thorough understanding of the psychology of change and the five disciplines of the Change Leadership Framework®. After attending this powerful training, you’ll know what obstacles you need to overcome and have the confidence to overcome them. Change Leadership Bootcamp will challenge your thinking, stimulate your creativity and provide you with the knowledge and tools to become a more effective leader.

Topics Covered

  • The psychology of change
  • The five disciplines of the Change Leadership Framework®
  • How to use the Four Forces to determine what drives stakesholder behavior
  • How to harness the forces that motivate your team and other stakeholders
  • How to determine your organization’s change temperament and mold it for high agility and performance
  • How to utilize counseling skills to inspire commitment and high performance
  • How to help your customer respond effectively to change
  • The coping model and how to employ it
  • The Six Change Types model
  • The NEO-R model of psychological temperament

…and much more

Key Takeaways

You will leave this transformational course with. . .

  • A concrete action plan
  • The knowledge, energy and confidence, plus specific tools and techniques to implement your action plan
  • Better knowledge of yourself
  • Insights that will change the way you see, think and act
  • Knowledge of the five disciplines of highly successful change leaders
  • Awareness of what leadership mistakes to avoid
  • An understanding of how to become a successful change agent and create a culture of agility and innovation
  • The energy, momentum and tools to create value and accelerate business performance


  • Create a culture of agility and innovation
  • Be a highly successful change leader
  • Avoid costly pitfalls
  • Accelerate business performance
  • Be inspired, energized and confident
  • Grow professionally and personally

Who Should Attend

Change Leadership Bootcamp is designed for managers and executives of all functions and disciplines.


  • 3-day interactive bootcamp


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While Change Leadership Bootcamp provides comprehensive training, Executive Coaching provides structure, tools and guided processes to ensure that you attain your goals. Change Leadership Group offers Executive Coaching to Change Leadership Bootcamp alumni; coaching is highly tailored to correlate with your specific interests, goals and projects.

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