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Around the World With Windows Azure

What is changing in Sydney, Singapore, London, Amsterdam, Munich, Warsaw, Atlanta, Toronto and San Francisco?  I’m about to find out. I’m at San Fransisco airport getting ready to board a plane to Sydney, Australia for the first stop in a 9-city tour for Windows Azure Platform University. My colleague, Owen Allen, (see Owen’s blog about […]

Has the USA Fallen Permanently Behind?

In today’s Wallstreet Journal Opinion, The Folly of Subsidizing Unemployment, Harvard economics professor, Robert Barro, argued that the ranks of unemployed workers would be lowered by 4,000,000 if the unemployment benefits of the 14,000,000 unemployed workers had been eliminated, rather than extended. Professor Barro said, “Suppose…the share of long-term unemployment had equaled the peak […]

What Drives Change? Three Inescapable Shifts that Will Rock Your World

By Gerhard Gschwandtner (reposted from I just got an interesting book called Selling Change by Brett Clay. Here is my view on change. The first question is “what drives change?” Ideas, money and technology. The first two are obvious. Internet technology creates new ways of sharing, communicating, collaborating and conducting business. It’s almost like […]

Can Your Father Learn New Tricks? Can You?

We all know the saying that “old dogs can’t learn new tricks”. As with most sayings, there is an element of truth to it. But, these sayings are like reading your horoscope—they are general statements that can apply to anyone. Let’s explore the myth of the “old dog”. The “old dog” is most often an […]

Change Leaders Do Not Dance on Graves—Not Even On Barnes and Nobles’

In today’s Wall Street Journal, columnist L. Gordon Crovitz writes about the challenges facing Barnes and Noble, the USA’s biggest bricks-and-mortar retail bookseller. His editorial “hook” for the article is the recent news that the board of Barnes and Noble has authorized the sale of the company. The comments I posted on his article at […]

How to Create an Award-Winning Social Media Marketing System

Change Leadership Group, LLC was honored to receive a 2010 Independent Publisher Book Award for Best Book Marketing for the book, Selling Change. Brett Clay, CEO of Change Leadership Group, and the author of Selling Change, delivered this presentation at the National Speakers Association national conference in Orlando, FL on July 19, 2010. [slideshare id=4854576&doc=20-20lightingroundsnsabrettclay-100727231137-phpapp01]

Does Journalism Need Government Help?

In today’s Wall Street Journal, Lee Bollinger, the President of Columbia University, and author of a new book, “Uninhibited, Robust, Wide-Open: A Free Press for a New Century,” wrote an op-ed article calling for a new media-industry business model that relies on government funding. Mr. Bollinger says, “The proliferation of communications outlets has fractured […]

Jeffrey Hayzlett, former CMO of Kodak, Talks Tough on Business

Jeffrey Hayzlett, celebrity judge on Donald Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice TV show, and author of the best-selling book, The Mirror Test, recently appeared on The Actuation Zone radio show, hosted by Brett Clay, author of the award-winning book, Selling Change. In the interview, Hayzlett asks the tough business questions and suggests the changes that executives and […]

The Book-Publishing Industry is Dead, Long Live Book Publishers

Brett Clay, author of the award-winning book Selling Change, recently attended Book Expo America 2010 in New York City, where he observed the waves of change pouring through the publishing industry. “Goodbye Gutenberg. Hello Tim Berners-Lee and Jeff Bezos. The book publishing industry, as we used to know it, will soon die. It will be […]

How to Get Someone to Change – Without Changing

Change Creates Opportunity Today, I was on Larry Whitler’s radio show on WOCA-AM in Ocala, Florida. Larry was talking about all of the change that has happened, and continues to happen, in the radio industry. He said many years ago music was on AM. Then, FM came along and took away music, threatening the survival […]

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