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Negotiating a Win-Win Requires Trust

Great negotiators know how to gain a strong position, hold their cards closely to their vests, and use their position to squeeze all kinds of concessions from the other party, right?

Business Negotiating Tip #1 — Know Your Walk-Away

We are constantly negotiating throughout the day — from our family members, to coworkers, or even to big contracts with business partners. What do you think is the most important thing to keep in mind when negotiating? This Spring I’m teaching an MBA course on negotiations at the University of Washington Bothell School of Business. […]

Develop a Purposive Mindset

When you think about change, what comes to mind? This morning I asked that question to Jim Blasingame, host of the Small Business Advocate, radio show. You can listen to my interview by clicking below. Find interviews with Small Business experts on the Small Business Advocate show Not surprisingly, his answer was “Pain and having […]

Are You Limiting Your Growth and That of Others?

Kegan vs Von Forester Yesterday, I re-read Kegan and Lahey’s Immunity to Change and thought I would take a time-out from my current study of the process philosophy of Heraclitus, Alfred North Whitehead, and Charles Peirce to share some meaning making that happened for me  Find interviews with Small Business experts on the Small Business […]

What Reality Are You Living In?

Constructivism I’m currently working on the literature review of personality theory for my dissertation. So, I thought I’d share a concept I believe is very powerful—constructivism. Abraham Maslow suggested that we interpret neurosis as “a failure of personal growth,” (Hall et al, 1957). Applying this to business, maintaining or growing a healthy business requires that […]

Diversity Through the Lens of Developmental Psychology

What is diversity? Why does it matter? How can it be achieved?   These questions have been hotly debated for at least the last 50 years. But, what progress has been made in answering them? Looking through the lens of developmental psychology, Robert Kegan (1994) argues that diversity progress is a function of human development. […]

Selling Change, by Brett Clay, Named Best Sales Book of 2012

“Selling Change, 101+ Secrets for Growing Sales by Leading Change,” by Brett Clay, was named the Best Sales Book of 2012 by the 2012 International Book Awards.

Five Disciplines That Make You Invaluable to Your Customers

Does it seem harder and harder to get customers’ attention these days? Does your product or service always seem to fall short of being a priority for the customer? What if there were a way to have customers begging to be higher on your priority list, instead of you begging to be on theirs? How would it feel to be with a customer closing a sale and be interrupted by another customer calling you pleading to take their order instead? What would that mean for your business? You can become invaluable to customers and dramatically grow your business, if you change your selling paradigm

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