Change Leadership Competency Model™ Audit

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Do you want to improve your organization’s agility and performance?

Have you lost business opportunities because your organization just didn’t seem to have sufficient resources or ability to quickly take action? Have competitors or market conditions changed the game—and your organization is struggling to play by the new rules? Do you see exciting, new opportunities and want to rally your organization to capture them?

In today’s business environment being able to respond quickly to changing conditions is more imperative than ever. Winning companies must be “built to change”—they must develop the ability to continually lead change and drive innovation throughout their organizations, enabling them to capture opportunities and grow their businesses.

CLG’s proprietary Change Leadership Competency Model™ is a comprehensive set of competencies and best practices for leading change and improving business performance. It answers the questions, “Is my organization ‘built to change?'” and “What actions should we take to improve our organization’s agility and leadership abilities?”


The Change Leadership Competency Model™ audit is a comprehensive assessment of your organization’s knowledge, skills, attitudes, processes, and technologies for leading change and improving business performance. We’ll compare best practices, note strengths and weaknesses, identify competency gaps, and make recommendations for acquiring the competencies that will make your organization “built to change”.

We’ll help you develop a plan to increase your organization’s agility and business performance.

The Change Leadership Competency Model™ audit includes four phases and two optional phases.

  • Phase I—Needs and Context Assessment
    • During the first phase of the engagement, our consultants will employ the first two disciplines of the Change Leadership Framework®, Force Field Analysis and Change Response Analysis, to document needs and set context for the audit.
  • Phase II—Data Collection
    • During the second phase, our consultants utilize surveys, interviews, operational questionnaires, the Clay Change Type Indicator™ psychological assessment, and on-the-job observation to compile raw data about the current state of your organization.
  • Phase III—Analysis
    • During the third phase, our consultants review and analyze the data using our proprietary Change Leadership Competency Model™ framework and create a report of their findings. Our consultants will note areas of strength and weakness, identify competency gaps, and note possible developmental opportunities.
  • Phase IV—Recommendations
    • Our consultants will create a set recommendations to improve your organization’s business performance.
  • Phase V—Learning and Development Plan (see Organizational Development)
    • In an optional fifth phase, our consultants can work with you to turn the recommendations into a detailed organizational development plan, including learning objectives, scope, and schedule.
  • Phase VI—Plan Implementation
    • Finally, in an optional sixth phase, our consultants can work with your team to identify and manage the appropriate resources to deliver training, process improvements, and technology deployments that implement the development plan.

Key Deliverables

  • Needs Assessment Report
  • Data Collection Artifacts
  • Findings Report
  • Recommendations Report
  • Detailed Learning and Development Plan (optional)
  • Plan Implementation (optional)

Topics Covered

  • The Change Leadership Competency Model™
  • The Change Leadership Framework®
  • The Clay Change Type Indicator™

Key Takeaways

  • A crisp understanding of your organization’s current change leadership competencies
  • A shared language and understanding of change leadership competencies and best practices
  • Developmental recommendations for filling competency gaps
  • Refined business strategies and objectives


  • Clarified vision for the organization
  • Clearly defined learning path for improved agility and performance
  • Improved organizational morale and employee engagement

Who Should Participate

Teams or organizations that want to build sustainable competitive advantages and dramatically improve their business performance.


  • Ongoing engagement; duration depends on agreed-upon scope


Contact us for more information about the Change Leadership Competency Model™ audit.

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