Please help with my dissertation study!


Data collection for the study concluded on 5/31/15.

Many thanks to all who participated!




Dear Friends and Colleagues,

I need your help for my PhD dissertation research study!

I’m a PhD student in Human and Organizational Development at Fielding Graduate University and I’m conducting research on a new personality test. You might even find it useful, yourself.

This research will help us better understand people’s styles and preferences. We hope the study’s findings will help identify ways to address individual differences and help make new programs more successful.

Your participation in this study is essential. No data = no findings! All you have to do is complete the online questionnaire relating to your preferences and styles, which takes about 10 minutes. Of course, your participation will be kept confidential.

You will benefit in five ways by participating:

  1. You may gain new insights into your preferred styles.
  2. You may experience an increased awareness of other people’s styles.
  3. You will receive a free report of the research findings, once the study has been completed.
  4. You will be eligible to receive a free personalized report of your personality results, when available.

In addition,

  1.  As a token of appreciation for your participation, you will be entered into a drawing to win a prize—a $700 tablet computer (provided that I’m able to collect a sample of at least 200 legitimate participants—the statistical minimum sample size for the study).

Click HERE to participate in this important study.

Ideally, participation in this study will cover a wide range of demographics (i.e. age, gender, geographical location, industry, managerial level, etc).  To this end I would ask that you forward this email invitation, in its entirety and unaltered, to your social media contacts (email contact list, Facebook friends, Twitter, etc).

Thank you so much for your help!


Brett Clay
PhD Candidate
School of Human and Organizational Development
Fielding Graduate University
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 1-800-351-5323 x111
Fielding Graduate University



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